Pokemon Sex Toys? Yes, they Exist.

These are Dildos from their store as well as a Pikachu butt plug. Incredible.

From watching ash Ketcham and Pikachu on day time TV, to playing Pokemon-Go around town, we all can remember Pokemon in one way or another. Now, we have Pokemon sex toys and it’s weird.

“Pokémoan” dildos are a line of four sex toys that would make any Pokémon master squirtle with joy (sorry). There’s “Bulby,” described as a “grass type Pokémoan” with a “large seed tip making it a very pleasurable friend to have;” a “Charmy” with a flared red tail that “gives intense orgasms everywhere it goes;” a “Squirty” featuring a “grooved turtle shell on its back;” and the pièce de résistance: “Piky,” a “small electric type anal Pokémoan” designed for Ash Ketchum fans who have always wanted to shove Pikachu’s tail up their butts. If you really want to catch ’em all, you can opt for a four-in-one package deal as well.

Geeky Sex Toys owners Emma and Josh say that their website and Etsy shop is only two months old, and the Pokémoan range was launched just a week ago. But it’s not the only ingenious toys the Brisbane-based couple have come up with—Game of Thronesenthusiasts may find much to enjoy about Jon’s Dildo Sword, complete with direwolf head, while those who have always dreamed about incorporating Sailor Moon into their sex lives will be intrigued by the moon, prism, and power possibilities offered by the Sailor Girl Dildo Wand.

So whatever floats your boat (or Poliwag) there is definitely something for you!


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