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Top 5 Hottest Pornstar Gamers!?

What does gaming and porn have in common? More than you might thing.

Some of your favorite mattress actresses are actually popular twitch streamers… as hard as that might be to believe.

5. Jenna Haze @jennahaze

Jenna Haze is a Playstation gamer who loves herself some Final Fantasy. While she’s on the go she enjoys carrying her PSP from place to place. She is a veteran in the industry begging her career back as a teen in 2002. FUN FACT: Jenna did not preform with men due to her relationship with a cameraman for 4 years! She returned to working with men in 2006.

4. Misti Dawn @meowmistidawn

Misti Dawn is more of a retro girl, she enjoys playing Super Mario and tons of Zelda on her Nintendo 64! Not what you would expect from a gal with daddy issues… The daddy issues come through in other ways clearly.

3. Abby Cross @AbbyCrossOfficial

While Abby Cross isn’t tongue mining a friendly female actress, she enjoys spending her time in Minecraft! Thats right, the game that your cousin Tyler plays, is also a pornstar’s favorite game.

2. Alana Evans @Alanaevansxxx

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Did I do that?

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Alana Evans is probably the realest gamer of all 5 of these gals! She decided to catch the gaming wave and ended up on twitch! Check out Alana’s twitch account here. Her go to is usually gears of war but she’s an all around nerd.

1. Destiny Dixon @missdestinydixon

Destiny Dixon loves Tomb Raider, so much so she did her own Lara Croft cosplay. Highly recommend you take a look… Destiny has always loved playing Xbox as well as with her box.

Hope you enjoyed those top 5! Don’t get too excited!


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